Ahad, 20 Februari 2011

Budapest Opening

3 main line about Budapest opening can view from this youtube video, enjoy and try use it in tournament. Good luck.

Isnin, 14 Februari 2011


Date : 16th March (Wednesday) to 20th March 2011 (Sunday)
Venue : The Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Center (DATCC)
             4th Floor, Wilayah Complex,
              No. 2, Jalan Munshi Abdullah
              Kuala Lumpur

Tournament Format : 9 Rounds Swiss System Pairing (using Swiss Manager Pairing System)
Time Control : 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move per game per player
1. FIDE TOURNAMENT rules shall be applied and enforced throughout the entire tournament.
2. ALL PLAYERS are to dress in proper attire – smart casual. Players wearing shorts,
slippers/slip on, cargo pants, sleeveless, singlet, revealing/skimpy clothing including offensive
writings on T-Shirts WILL NOT be allowed to enter the playing hall and WILL BE ASKED to
change their clothing at the expense of their own playing time.
Entry Fees :
2010 Champions (Open and Women) FREE (After 1st March, entry fee is RM50)
FIDE rating above 2000 RM 60
FIDE rating between 1600 & 1999 RM 100
FIDE rating below 1599 & UNRATED RM 150
20% discount if registers before 20th February 2011 (RM 48/ RM 80 / RM 120)
Normal charge if registers between 20th February and 13th March 2011
50% penalty if registers after 13th March 2011 (RM 90 / RM 150 / RM 225)
50% discount for State representatives
- Limited to 1 Open and 1 Woman player per state
- Registration must be confirmed and paid before 1st March 2011
- Players must be endorsed by State Association
- After 1st March, normal entry fee rate shall apply
- Registration is free if the State player is above FIDE Rating of 2200
Entries are limited to the first 120 players who have registered, confirmed and paid the necessary
Entry Fees for the event (combine for both Open and Women section).
Refund Policy
All entry fees received are subjected to 25% penalty for any cancellation made before 1st March,
and 50% penalty for cancellation made before 14th March. No request for refund shall be
entertained for cancellation made after 13th March 2011
For further enquiries, please contact:
General Inquiries – DATCC Program Coordinator, Mr. Najib Wahab, +6016 338 2542 / najib.wahab@chess-malaysia.com

Women Inquiries – MCF Vice President, Ms. Haslindah Ruslan, +6019 206 9605 / haslindahr@yahoo.com
FORM VERSION 1.2 (Final) – Dated 8th February 2011
KUALA LUMPUR 16th to 20th March
Championship Information and Registration Form
Day 1 16th March (Wednesday)
8:00am Registration
9:00am Players Meeting
9:30am Round 1
2:30pm Round 2
Day 2 17th March (Thursday)
9:30am Round 3
2:30pm Round 4
Day 3 18th March (Friday)
9:00am Round 5 (due to Friday Prayers)
3:00pm Round 6 (due to Friday Prayers)
Day 4 19th March (Saturday)
9:30am Round 7
2:30pm Round 8
Day 5 20th March (Sunday)
9:30am Round 9
3:00pm Closing & Prize Giving Ceremony
4:00pm National Blitz Championship 2011
The waiting time is 30 minutes for all rounds based on the Scheduled Start Time AND NOT the
time shown on the clock.
The Appeals Committee for the event shall include the Honorary Secretary of MCF, the Chief
Arbiter of the event and 5 playing participants who will be nominated and appointed during the
player’s meeting. In all appeal seating, the Honorary Secretary of MCF will preside as the
Committee Chairman together with any of the 4 available committee members that are not
involved in the appeal, either directly or indirectly. In dire situation, only 3 Appeals Committee
members are required to deliver a resolution.
Any appeal made by the players must be submitted in writing within 30 minutes after the
conclusion of his/her game, accompanied with RM200 appeal fee. The appeal fee will only be
refunded if the appeal is upheld.
All decisions made by the Appeal Committee are deemed to have been final and no further appeal
shall be entertained.

Sabtu, 5 Februari 2011

Keputusan Catur terbuka Kedah 2011.

Pertandingan pada kali ini mendapat sambutan yang amat mengalakan terutama bagi kateogori bawah 18 tahun, penyertaan melebihi 200 orang. Oleh kerana terlalu ramai penyertaan, pertandingan bermula agak lewat. Bagi kateogori bawah 18 tahun, pertandingan terpaksa di batalkan dan digantikan dengan catur Blitz. Ini disebabkan oleh sedikit gangguan pada komputer. Pihak penganjur ingin meminta maaf di atas kesulitan yang dihadapi pada hari kejohanan. Ini akan dijadikan pengajaran untuk penganjuran di masa akan datang. Tahniah diucapkan kepada semua pemenang.

Kateogori Terbuka:
  1. Tan Khai Boon
  2. Mohd Syakir Shazmeer 
  3. Nor Azmi Bin Mohd Nor
  4. Kamaluddin Yusof
  5. Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli
  6. Teoh Chow Xeng
  7. Azman Hisham Bin Che Doi
  8. Nor Nabila Azman Hisham
  9. Alias Hanafi
  10. Zaharin Bin Che Man
  11. Norazwan Kamarulzaman
  12. Syed Iskandar
  13. Mohd Hilmi Bin Abdullah
  14. Muhammad Nabil Bin Azman Hisham
  15. Abd Razak Safian
  16. Syazrin Bin Abd Rahman
  17. Muhammad Afif Bin Abd Razak
  18. Nazli Johardy Bin Johari
  19. Mohd Huzairi Bin Husin
  20. Syed Azmin