Ahad, 13 November 2011

Endgame puzzle 1

White to play and win. Black is one move from equality, so immediate action is required. Many moves can be found by the method of elimination. White uses domination as well.

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1. Kd3 is a key move for white to win this game, other than that is draw. White need to stop black bishop from control the a-h diagonal. In other word need to capture the Bishop or stop pawn f6 from moving.Black can respond with  1 .. Ba1, Ba2 or Kb4. White still need a solid move.

If 1.. Ba1 2. Ne5!  ...
           ..Bxe5 3.Ke4  ...  4.Kf5..
           ... fxe5 3.Ke4
           ... f5 3.Nxc6+ Kb5 4.Nd4 Kc5 5.Nb3+ (folk king and bishop)
If 1.. Bb2 2.Ne5! f5 3.Nc4

.If 1.. Kb4 2.Ne5 f5 3.Nxc6 Kb3 4.Nd4 ++-