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YAB Chess Open Tournament 2011@22 & 23 April 2011(UUM)

●.Title: YAB Chess Open Tournament 2011
●.Date: 22 & 23 April 2011
●.Time: 9.00am - 7.00pm
●.Venue: DP 4(1), (2), (3) FTM, Universiti Utara Malaysia
●.Tournament style: Swiss style

4 Categories:

●.Open category
●.Under 18
●.Under 12
●.University Utara Malaysia students category


●.Chinese chess tournament will be on 23 April while international chess is on 24 April.

●.Certificates will be provided for all participants. Sira will also be provided for Universiti Utara Malaysia Student. Medals and cash prizes await the champions.

Open Category:

●1st prize: RM450
●2nd prize:RM250
●3rd prize: RM150
●4th prize: RM100
●5th prize: RM100
●6th prize: RM100
●7th prize: RM50
●8th prize: RM50
●9th prize: RM50
●10th prize: RM50

●Best in UUM: RM100
●Best in Under 18: RM50
●Best in Under 12: RM50

●.The participation fees for the tournament is RM 18. Each tournament is only limited to 100 participants.

●.Accommodations will be provided for a fee of RM 7 per head per night.

●.The dateline for participation will be on 17th April 2011. Please send in your complete registration form to or

●.Please bank-in the registration fees to our treasurer’s CIMB Bank account (0713-0080212-52-0 SOON CHIA YIN) by 19th April 2010. Please keep the bank-in slip as proof of payment. After bank-in, please contact Miss Neoh Shi Ling for verification purpose.

●.For more details, please feel free to contact
i.Yen Yee Kiat:☏ 012-599 8347
ii. Neoh Shi Ling:☏ 017-4762906
iii. Yoong Kah Eng:☏ 017-6204688

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